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Nelle Nikole Biography


Nelle Nikole was born in Corona, California, spent time in the battlefields of Virginia, and now lives in Atlanta with her fiancé Ben and their furkid Sophie. A lifelong reader, she began writing thrilling stories to share with her classmates as early as elementary school. Having lived a little bit of everywhere, Nelle decided to take her studies international and completed her Anthropology degree by researching abroad in Rio de Janeiro and throughout Cuba. Driven by an insatiable appetite for knowledge, Nelle pursued a Master's degree in Public Policy, specializing in Global Affairs. Never one to know downtime, Nelle decided to pursue her lifelong goal of becoming a published author where she is inspired by all things fantasy, apocalyptic and anything in between. 


State of the Union, her debut dystopian fantasy romance series, speaks to the soul while tackling grief, hope in humanity, and the consequences of betrayal. She uses her real life experience of living amongst a variety of lifestyles, cultures and over-active imagination to blur the lines of reality and fantasy in her magical post-apocalyptic version of The United States seen through the eyes of a powerful female main character and her chosen family. 

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