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Rising (Available Now)

A State of the Union Novel 

The Before doesn’t matter, only The After.


In a post-apocalyptic Earth ravaged by nuclear war, humanity struggles to survive amidst the aftermath of radiation that has altered their DNA. Amongst the survivors, elemental magic runs through their veins, while a select few have developed extraordinary powers.


Amaia is a fierce leader in The Compound, a powerful community in Monterey, California, that’s been fighting to defend its borders against a series of attacks from the undead. But when her partner is tragically killed in an explosion, Amaia is consumed by a burning desire for vengeance. 


When a mysterious stranger appears at the gates of The Compound, the truth behind the undead attacks is revealed; Amaia, her most trusted friends, and the stranger must embark on a dangerous mission to another territory. Along the way, they must navigate treacherous obstacles and captivity, ultimately uncovering a sinister plot involving a common enemy and a shocking betrayal that will test everything they know about trust and loyalty.

Trigger Warnings: 

- Adult Themes and Content

- Graphic Language 

- Alcohol & Drug Use 

- Death & Violence

- Mental Health Themes

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Echoes of War (Available Now)

A State of the Union Novel #2

Hope and war would never go in the same sentence. The words were like oil and water. 


Treaties crumble. Unlikely alliances emerge. The resounding Echoes of War amplify their call. Amaia and her found family, bound together by threads of loyalty, have been shattered by a heart-wrenching betrayal. Desperate to do everything they can to protect the place they call home, the band of misfits find themselves compelled to split up. 


As the line between right and wrong blurs, the question shifts from “What would you do?” to the haunting realization of “What have I done?” In this dystopian landscape, morality is but a fragile thing. The group finds themselves tested as elemental magic clashes with dark arts and advanced technology. 


In the midst of turmoil; delicate bonds begin to flourish for some, emerging as symbols of hope amid life’s unyielding storms, while others grapple with the tests imposed by the ravages of war. 


The saga continues, and the echoes sing louder than ever before.

Trigger Warnings:

- Adult Themes 

- Graphic Language 

- Alcohol & Drug Use

- Death & Violence

- Mild smut w/ minor dark romance themes

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State of the Union: Origin Stories (2024)

A State of the Union Novella #.5

Origin stories of the band of misfits leading up to their arrival at the Compound. 

Kuxtal Academy (Late Summer 2024)

Kuxtal Academy #1

Mayan-inspired fae urban fantasy romance series co-authored with Mikayla D. Hornedo. 


  • Dual-POV | Brother-sister duo 

  • Best-friends brother 

  • Mental health representation

  • Dyslexia representation 

  • Insta-lust

  • Forbidden love

  • Fated mates

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